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Computer accessories – all you need to know to furnish your home office 

How to furnish a home office 

Wondering how to furnish your home office? We know that arranging a workplace requires proper preparation. This is why we have a few tips for you to go through the whole process lightning fast. We presented those in the list below. 

  • Determine the functions of your workplace. Ideally, do it in the form of a detailed list. This will make it easier for you to figure out what furniture and accessories you will need. 
  • Think how much time you intend to spend in the home office. After a few hours at the computer you might need, for example, a comfortable wrist rest (those with the ENDORFY branding come in three sizes – TKL, 75% and full size). Frequent use of the keyboard may also mean you’ll need to buy additional keycaps). 
  • Think about equipment maintenance, since it might need extra support after however many hours of intense use. To that end, it’s good to have an extra tube of thermal paste. If you use it just once every 2-3 years, you’ll improve the heat conduction for your computer. 

Computer accessories you will need for your desktop 

When you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, it’s good to have all essentials on hand. This way you won’t have to constantly interrupt your work just to fetch something indispensable, like a streaming microphone or a pair of headphones for a call with your boss. 

We’ve learned from experience that a home office usually can use stands for extra equipment – including a display mount and a stand for a gaming pad or headphones. If you talk to other people a lot, buying a microphone arm might be useful. This gadget not only allows you to place a mic comfortably but also frees up some extra space for your desktop. 

What to keep in mind when buying computer accessories 

Wondering what to pay attention to when you’re buying computer accessories? We know that arranging your computer workspace can be tricky, so start from writing down everything that you do at your desk. The more detailed your description, the better. It will form a useful basis for further searches. 

Complement this list with less obvious materials and accessories that you need to be comfortable doing whatever you do. For example, if you record podcasts, take into account not just a mic and a stand, but also a wrist rest for your keyboard. That gives your arms comfortable support, so you can enjoy your computer time much longer. 

Now all you need to do is cross out all products on the list that you already have in your home office. The resulting database will let you easily determine what else you might need. 

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What’s thermal paste for?

Thermal paste (also known as heat paste) is an elastic mass that’s used for cooling the surface of components that heat up rapidly. Thanks to its consistence, it tightly fills in all gaps between the radiator and the processor, thereby increasing the heat dissipation surface. ENDORFY offers thermal pastes in containers of two volumes, 1.5 g and 4 g. These will last for a long time, and both variants also include a spatula for easier application. 

How do I replace keycaps?

Keycaps impact the comfort of using a keyboard as well as its durability. For mechanical ones, they are replaceable – all you need to do is grab a single key with a keycap puller available with the keyboard (for ENDORFY models, this is a tool that resembles small pliers that we include in the box or at the bottom of the chassis) and decisively pull upwards. In order to install a keycap correctly, all you need to do is put it on a switch and push it down. 

Which is better, a mic holder or stand?

Whether a microphone holder is better than a stand or vice versa is a matter of how you typically use your recording and voice call equipment. For example, if you use the mic for daily vlogs or to conduct interviews, then we think that the most convenient solution for you will be a desktop stand. This will allow you to put aside the microphone, to move it off camera or to push it closer to your interlocutor. On the other hand, a holder is a great option for anyone who wants extra desktop space. Not only that, but it also allows you to easily put it at the angle you want, so you can comfortably record your podcast or talk to your boss and co-workers. 

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