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Mechanical keyboard – how to choose the best one 

Mechanical keyboard for gaming and work – what you need to know 

The choice of a proper keyboard can be a challenge – especially if you intend to use it both for play and for work. And no wonder, since the number and variety of available models can often make your head spin, even if you’re a hardware expert. This is why we’ve prepared a list of things you should consider before you buy. You can find it below. 

  • Keyboard size – for your convenience, a mechanical keyboard for work and gaming should include a side numpad. Thanks to those, you’ll have an easier time dealing with spreadsheets or create a few extra macros. 
  • Switches – if you want universal switches for gaming and work, Kailh Brown switches will be a good choice. Not only do they work well for situations that call for smooth and subtle movements, but they are also resilient. They are pleasantly quiet as well, especially for mechanical switches. 
  • Extra accessories – they allow for modifying equipment according to your preferences and the nature of your work, for example by changing keycaps or adding a wrist rest 

Keyboard layouts 

One of the first questions you’re likely to ask before buying a keyboard is related to its configuration. You can choose from various layouts and sizes (each either wired or wireless) – you can find those in the list below. 

  • Full-sized keyboard – it has a side numpad that makes it easier to work with spreadsheets and allows for a few extra macros 
  • TKL keyboard – these keyboards don’t have a numpad, so you can easily put them in a backpack and take them for an e-sports tournament.  
  • 75% keyboard – it’s smaller than full-size keyboards, which makes it perfect for smaller desktops. 
  • Compact keyboard – 40% smaller than standard keyboards. These have been created with smallest desks in mind. 

Before choosing the perfect keyboard for you, you should compare their sizes and decide which will work the best. We know from experience that it’s also good to consider the available accessories – even if you think they will not be necessary, you might change your mind in the future. 

Palm rest – an important accessory 

When buying a palm rest, users most often pay attention to how it will look with the keyboard. We get it – but after a few hours of typing, your tired and numb hand will probably inform you that not everything is about aesthetics. To prevent that, you should consider everything that impacts your comfort, such as: 

  • Keyboard compatibility – a palm rest should be the same width as the keyboard, to allow you to position your hands comfortably and reduce the strain on your wrists. 
  • Material the palm rest is made of – it’s good for the height of the rest to be the sane as the keyboard and the outer material to be easy to clean. From experience, we can recommend PU leather. 
  • Method of fastening – you can choose from, for example, magnetic fasteners and press studs. If you favor quick assembly, go for the first option (just move the palm rest next to the keyboard and you’re good to go). 

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How do I turn on lighting for my ENDORFY keyboard?

Keyboards featuring ARGB give you an additional option of lighting up the keys. It’s not just about a stylish aurora over your desk when you turn off the lights. By lighting up selected keys or sections of the keyboard, you can make using the keys easier for yourself. 

To turn on this option for ENDORFY, just launch the included software. The “Illumination” tab will let you select the type and effect of lighting and configure the specifics. You can also do it via the keyboard, without installing any software. For full-size and TKL keyboards, you can do it by pressing a  function key together with the L1-L6 keys; for the 75% model, by pressing a function key with the Print Screen key; for Compact variants – by pressing a function key with the left Shift key. 

How do I clean my keyboard?

Regular keyboard maintenance is essential if you want to extend its lifespan. One reason for that is that dirt under the keycaps significantly hampers the proper functioning of the keys. This is why you should dust the keyboard with a microfiber cloth or compressed air at least once per week. Below we’ve compiled all the things to keep in mind before you start cleaning. 

  • Make sure the keyboard is unplugged – remember that maintaining a plugged-in keyboard can lead to a short circuit! 
  • No water – wet wiping can damage sensitive components and parts of the keyboard. 
  • Use the correct materials – such as a dedicated brush for cleaning keyboards, a microfiber cloth, compressed air and isopropyl alcohol. 

How do I change the keyboard’s language?

If you type in a language other than English, the most common reason you’re typing the “wrong” diacritics is that you accidentally switched the language – for example, when setting something else in Control Panel. Another reason is accidental use of the Shift+Ctrl shortcut that changes the keyboard’s layout. In this case, in order to restore the layout you want, go to Settings > Time and language > Language > Keyboard. If the wrong language shows up on-screen, just change it to whatever you need. 

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