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PBT keycaps

Classic design and hdurability for years to come. The team of 124 black as night PBT keycaps are made to win. And to click in silence – because together with keycaps we give you rubber O-rings that dampen the sounds of keyboard like there’s no tomorrow. Something tells us that your roommies will thank you for this.

Especially during an all-night gaming marathon which you decide to join after a rough day.

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Product code: EY0E001

PBT keycaps

The PBT keycaps are an elegant and durable shield for your keyboard. Each of the 124 buttons you get is made in Double Shot technology – it means that, even after long hours years of clicking, they will still look brand-new. The smell of freshness is sold separately ;)

Together with PBT keycaps, we give you rubber O-rings that cushion the impact of the keycaps on the base of the keyboard and beautifully dampen the sounds of the battle clicks. Simply place them on the switches and you’re ready to go – have fun without worrying that you’ll wake up your roommates (again).

Technical data

  • Product codeEY0E001
  • EAN-135903018664514
  • Warranty [months]24

Set includes

  • 124 × PBT keycaps
  • 124 × rubber O–rings
  • Keycap puller
  • Safety instruction



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