Mousepad – what you need to know before you choose 

Types of mousepads 

A mousepad’s job is to protect your desk from scratches and to ensure your mouse glides properly when you move it. Mousepads available on the market differ in size, materials, and finish, which can make picking the right mousepad quite tricky. It’s a good idea to look at the models available in stores and assess them based on the function they’ll have in your home office: 

  • Gaming mousepads – usually made from a soft, hydrophobic material that offers a good grip. They tend to be larger than standard mousepads (such as ENDORFY Cordura Speed XL) to facilitate big, sweeping moves. 
  • Work mousepads – usually smaller (such as Cordura Speed M and Cordura Speed L) than gaming mousepads, they fit smaller desks well. 

Speed- vs. control-type surface 

Mousepads can be divided based on the surface they provide. In this context, we usually talk of speed and control surfaces.   

The former, available in our Cordura series of mousepads: Cordura Speed M, Cordura Speed L ensures mouse can glide extremely well, making it the ideal choice for shooters and online games. On the other hand, a control-type surface, with a slightly rougher texture, is great for games that call for more precise movement.  

What’s the best mousepad? 

The answer to the question of which mousepad is the best depends on a lot of factors. Its purpose is a major one. If you do office work, smaller models with extra support for the wrist (such as gel pads) may be good for you. For gamers and designers, larger mousepads that can also fit the keyboard work best – you can be sure your mouse will not “fall off” the surface at a key moment, such as when an enemy is behind you or when you’re dragging a recording segment when editing a video. 

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Can I machine-wash my mousepad?

Mousepads are usually made of synthetic materials that can get damaged by detergents or an incorrect program for your washing machine. This is why the best way to remove dirt is to clean the surface with a damp cloth or to hand-wash the mousepad in warm water with gentle (ideally gray) soap. That guarantees that the material and the finish will not get damaged.  

Another good solution is to buy a mousepad with hydrophobic properties (including all models from the Cordura series). Its surface will not absorb liquids, so it will not get dirty and will be easy to maintain. 

How do I clean a mousepad?

If you use your computer often, you transfer a whole lot of germs on the mousepad. Combined with dust and contaminants from the air, it forms a cocktail of allergies and infections that endangers you and other people in your household. This is why you should regularly clean your mousepad – once a week will do.  

The best way to get rid of surface dirt is to wipe with a damp cloth. For slightly more stubborn stains (e.g. dried coffee or soft drink), hand-washing in warm water with gray soap works very well. As mousepads are made from a delicate material, we would advise against machine-washing.

What can I substitute for a mousepad?

Equipment that uses ball sensors is pretty much history. Most of the mice that can be purchased work pretty well without a dedicated mousepad. That doesn’t mean you can do away with them completely or replace them with a piece of cloth or an open book – such rough surfaces do not always guarantee precise movement. Moving a mouse directly on the desktop poses a risk of scratching or soiling the surface, so a good mousepad is a worthwhile investment. ENDORFY’s Cordura series can be found, among other places, on our website. 

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