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Computer mouse – what to keep in mind 

Which computer mouse to pick 

Thinking of buying a computer mouse? We can already tell you that it’s not going to be a straightforward decision. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you’ll use for gaming, work or browsing the Internet. Thanks to your mouse, you can quickly and comfortably navigate the screen of your computer or laptop. For the latter, it’s worth mentioning that a mouse is much more precise than a built-in touchpad. 

If you care about reaction time and you want equipment that will last for years, look no further than ENDORFY mouses. This is gear created for you to win. It doesn’t matter if you’re battling a spreadsheet at work, a school presentation, or the enemies in your favorite video game. Combined with a comfortable grip, a precise sensor will sense the slightest motion, while resilient Kailh GM 4.0 and Kailh GM 8.0 switches will take tens of millions of clicks and still work like they’re brand new.  

On top of that, the construction of each mouse is lightweight, and your wrist will not need a rest after a few hours of moving it back and forth on the mousepad. It slides easily along thanks to advanced PTFE glides. And as a cherry on top, the mouse’s dedicated software will let you, e.g., set preferred sensitivity profiles, change ARGB lighting, or create macros. What more do you need? So go into action with a new ENDORFY mouse and arm your computer station with reliable gear. 

Wired or wireless mouse – which connection type is best 

Mouses can be divided depending on their type of connection. Each will certainly be to the liking of different users and each is fit for different purposes: 

  • Wired mouses – as the name implies, they require a connection to the computer via USB-A cable. They are slightly cheaper than their wireless counterparts and they do not require that you replace or charge batteries. Among wired ENDORFY mouses you can find GEM and LIX Onyx White. 
  • Wireless mouses – they’re connected to a computer or laptop via a dedicated receiver called a dongle or via Bluetooth. Wireless designs have the advantage of greater mobility thanks to a lack of cable and the ability to be used at a greater distance. What’s more, modern wireless mouses do not cause any delays compared to wired ones. ENDORFY’s wireless mouses include GEM Plus Wireless and LIX Wireless Onyx White. 

Types of sensors in computer mouses 

Computer mouses include various types of motion sensors. In the past, we used ball sensors. But technology has marched on and now two types are in use: 

  • Optical sensors – they use an LED to track motion, usually a red one. They work on practically any surface, but they are not as precise as their laser counterparts. 
  • Laser sensors – these are what our ENDORFY brands use. They function in a similar way to their optical counterparts, but they are more precise. Their advantages include the ability to set a much higher DPI, greater speed on the display and pixel-perfect mapping of cursor movement. 

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Gaming mouse – which should I choose?

ENDORFY includes many mouse models that will work great for games. It all depends on what you prefer and what kind of games you play. Here’s a few factors that matter for deciding on your rodent of choice: 

  • Maximum sensitivity (DPI) – gaming mice offer higher sensitivity than those dedicated to office work. The important thing for a mouse is to offer a few sensitivity profiles and the ability to switch between those rapidly, which allows you to set DPI for any kind of weapon or type of game. GEM and LIX models offer sensitivity up to 8000 DPI, while GEM Plus Wireless can go up to 26 000 DPI. 
  • Type of chassis – classic full chassis or honeycomb holes? The choice is yours, either design has its perks. If you go for lightness and speed, the latter will certainly benefit you on the digital battlefield. 
  • Sensor type – all ENDORFY mouses use optical sensors manufactured by PixArt. Currently our offer includes PMW3325, PAW3335, PAW 3370 and PAW3395 models. Each features a different maximum speed, and they differ only slightly in reaction times. 
  • Software – a good gaming mouse should come with dedicated software and ENDORFY delivers. You can control ARGB lighting, freely program every button, set reporting frequency (so-called polling rate) and create your own macros. 

Wired or wireless mouse – which do I choose?

It’s not easy to choose whether you want a wired or wireless mouse. If you like your desktop tidy and don’t want the cable to hinder the mouse movement (especially if you don’t own a mouse bungee) or you just travel a lot, go with wireless. If, on the other hand, you’d rather not have to remember to charge your mouse and you’re looking for a cheaper solution, a wired option will complement your desktop just fine. 

Mouse DPI – what’s that?

DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a unit that’s primarily used in graphic design to define image resolution. As the name implies, it refers to the number of pixels (dots) for every inch.

For computer mice this is one of the most important specs. By increasing DPI, you’ll let your cursor travel a longer distance with a smaller movement of the hand. In simplest terms, choosing DPI determines the number of pixels your mouse travels when you move one inch. In practice, an increase in DPI means more efficient (and smoother) movements of the cursor and a feeling of greater speed.

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