Keyboard accessories – what to buy 

Keyboard accessories you need

For many users, buying a mechanical keyboard is when the fun has just begun. Thanks to accessories available for purchase, they can modify their gear to fit their preferences. This includes swapping out keycaps or adding shock absorbers. Below is a list of what we consider the most interesting keyboard accessories for you to purchase. 

  • Keycaps and keycap puller – swapping out keycaps is the quickest way to change both a keyboard’s feel and its appearance. To make this easier for you, make sure that in addition to keycaps, you buy a keycap puller to help you remove them (if you own an ENDORFY keyboard, you’ll find one either in the box or at the bottom of the chassis). 
  • Palm rest – this is your best friend if you spend long hours at your computer. With a palm rest, your hands are in a comfortable position as you’re typing. ENDORFY models (Thock TKL Palm Rest, Thock 75% Palm Rest and Thock Palm Rest) also include rubber legs to stabilize the rest even when it’s at some distance from the keyboard. 
  • O-ring shock absorbers – as the name implies, they dampen the energy of tapping on a keyboard and mute the characteristic typing sound of mechanical keyboards. 

Palm rest for a keyboard – what to pay attention to 

Users who buy palm rests usually prioritize its appearance – what matters the most is the color and how it harmonizes with the keyboard. However, after hours and hours of work, your fatigued arms will let you feel why a nice appearance is not everything. To prevent that, carefully consider a few other factors that impact the comfort of use. These are: 

  • Keyboard compatibility – a rest for your wrists should be the same width as the keyboard. That allows you to position your arms comfortably and reduce wrist strain. 
  • Material the rest is made of – we recommend rests filled with foam that are of similar height to the keyboard. It’s also best if the cover material is easy to clean – such as PU leather (used for Thock Palm Rest, Thock 75% Palm Rest and Thock TKL Palm Rest). 
  • How the rest is fastened – you can choose from, among others, magnetic and snap fasteners. If quick assembly is a priority for you, go for the former. All you need is to move the rest close to the keyboard and you’re all set! 

It’s also good to note the bottom of the rest. We know from experience that models with rubber legs (such as our Palm Rests) do pretty well even at some distance from the keyboard. They maintain a good grip and are stable on the desktop, even when subjected to vigorous movement. 

Keycaps – what to keep in mind 

Many users – especially those who like to play around with their computer’s looks – like to have the option to replace the keycaps in their mechanical keyboards. This allows them to give the keyboard more of a personality in an easy way or just to replace keycaps that got worn down from use. 

Before buying new keycaps, it’s good to take into consideration the time you spend at your computer and the frequency you press the keys. We recommend PBT keycaps to gaming enthusiasts, since the material is resistant to abrasion and looks well even after years of use. On the other hand, if you care more about making ARGB lighting “pop” more, ABS keycaps will work – on top of that, their matte surface prevents fingertips from sliding. At ENDORFY, you can choose from three variants of the former – white with Pudding finish (PBT Pudding Onyx White), black (PBT) or black-and-white with Pudding finish (PBT Pudding). 

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How do I attach my palm rest to the keyboard?

Contrary to what you may think, installing a palm rest is no big chore. Especially since the models available for sale include detailed instructions (printed or PDF) as well as all necessary components, such as plastic fasteners. ENDORFY palm rests come with self-adhesive magnets that you just need to stick to the chassis of a keyboard. You can also work with a rest a little farther away from the keyboard – thanks to rubber legs, the entire setup will remain stable and will not slide around your desktop. 

How do I remove keycaps?

Keycaps are an important keyboard component. They impact the user’s comfort and the equipment’s durability; they also enhance its looks (for instance, the Pudding variant lets through ARGB lighting for a striking, stylish look). In mechanical keyboards, there’s an option to replace them – just grab a single key with a keycap puller that comes with the keyboard (it’s a small tool resembling a pair of pliers). Then give it a firm upwards pull. To reattach the keycap, just put it on a switch and press down. 

Where do I buy keycaps?

The easiest way to alter a mechanical keyboard’s look is to replace its keycaps. With how much choice there is nowadays, you’re sure to find something that suits you – you can choose from many materials (including ABD with matte finish or wear-resistant PBT) and prints. We have a soft spot for two-colored keycaps that let ARGB lighting through while being strong enough to look like new even after years of use. 

If you’re thinking about buying new keycaps, visit the keyboard section of a brick-and-mortar computer store or a distributor’s website. You can find info on ENDORFY keycaps on our website, under the „accessories” tab. 

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