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PBT Pudding keycaps

104 pudding shields keycaps for your demanding keyboard. With PBT Pudding keycaps, you won't take your hands off the keyboard for a long time. Unless you're showing off your treasure to the crew.

Plus, we give you a set of rubber O-rings which dampen the sounds like the best recording studio. We just know that your roomies don’t have to be fans of the characteristic clicking of mechanical keyboards. And we respect this.

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Product code: EY0E002

PBT Pudding keycaps

The PBT Pudding keycaps are like 104 dessert boxes for your keyboard. But don't let their cute looks fool you!

We made them in Double Shot technology, so they will look brand-new even after years of clicking smashing. They won’t bow to any boss – neither in the game nor in the office.

Along with the keycaps you get a set of O-rings. We just know that the sound of a mechanical keyboard can sometimes hurt your ears, and these little ones elegantly mute every hit click. Their assembly will take you less time than reading this description, because we have included a key puller for convenient removal of the caps.

Technical data

  • Product codeEY0E002
  • EAN-135903018664521
  • Warranty [months]24

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