Protective pad for a swivel chair – which is the best for you? 

Do you need a pad for your swivel chair? 

We often hear that rubber or nylon wheels for a swivel chair (you can find the latter, for example, in our ENDORFY models) sufficiently protect the floor from scratches. That’s true; this durable and relatively soft material is good for most surfaces it comes in contact with. But if your house has wooden flooring, we’d recommend that you invest in a good floor pad. This additional protection secures the floor not just from scratches, but also from liquids (let the one who has never accidentally spilled their morning coffee cast the first stone). On top of that, a PVC variant of a pad does a decent job of muffling the sound of wheels rolling across the floor, which your downstairs neighbors are sure to appreciate. 

Protective floor pad – what to pay attention to 

Protective pads available for purchase differ in size and material. This variety can get daunting, which is why below, we prepared a list of elements that you should look at before you decide to buy. These are: 

  • Size of the chair – the larger the size of the base of your swivel chair, the larger the protective pad ought to be. Ideally its size should be larger than the seat by several centimeters, giving you an extra margin for moving the chair across the pad. 
  • Floor pad material – you can choose polycarbonate or polypropylene that are both almost invisible against the floor, or instead slightly thicker silicone and PVC. We think the latter is the most versatile. Not only does it prevent floor scratches, but it also protects it from getting wet and does a decent job of muffling the sound of the wheels in motion. This is why we’ve used it for our products. 
  • Shape of the floor pad – aside from its protective function, a floor pad under your chair should also look good and complement your workspace visually, At ENDORFY, you can choose from three pad shapes: circle (Floor Pad 110C), square (Floor Pad 90S) or rectangle (Floor Pad 120R). 

The look of a pad is also worth consideration. At ENDORFY we went for a neutral black background covered with subtle patterns. This combination is a great fit both for a modern gaming station and a home recording studio. We know from experience that the pad’s design also appeals to people who’d like to add a little personality to their home office. 

How to select the size of the floor pad 

Hardly anyone remains motionless when using their computer – especially if gaming (or work) lasts for hours at a time. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in a pad that’s several centimeters larger than the base of your chair. This allows you to move across the floor freely while keeping the floor from a spilled morning coffee (and as we’ve learned, this sort of thing happens more often than it should). ENDORFY protective mats are available in three sizes: 900×900 mm (Floor Pad 90S), 900×1200 mm (Floor Pad 120R) and 1100×1100 mm (Floor Pad 110C). 

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Is a floor pad for my chair worth it?

When furnishing a gaming station (or just your home office), the essentials are a desk and a swivel chair. Few people take a floor pad into consideration – that is, until the floor panels show the first scratches and coffee stains. To prevent that, it’s best to equip your room with a protective pad for your chair right away, when buying furniture for your home office. This is a relatively small expenditure that can save you from a costly floor replacement in the future. 

How thick should a pad be?

A proper thickness of a protective pad not only protects the floor from unsightly scratches, but also does a decent job of muffling the sound of wheels rolling along its surface. But what does “proper” thickness even mean? Some think a floor pad should practically blend into the floor’s surface. Others disagree and say the thicker, the better. Our experience indicates that 2.2 mm is enough to successfully muffle the sounds of a gamer shifting in their chair – and that’s exactly the thickness of ENDORFY floor pads. 

Which material should a pad for my gaming chair use?

The material the pad for a gaming chair is made of should suit the lifestyle and routine of the gamer. So, when making a purchase decision, it’s best to follow these principles: 

  • A protective pad should be several centimeters larger than the base of the gaming chair. This way, you will protect a larger portion of the floor from any possible spillage. 
  • If you particularly care about muffling your chair’s sounds as it moves, invest in a slightly thicker (2.2 mm will do just fine) PVC pad. This material is good both at gripping the floor and muffling the rattling of wheels. 
  • For better protection, choose a hydrophobic pad. 
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