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Display mount – which one to choose 

How to pick a display mount for your desk 

If you spend a lot of time at your computer, your desk can eventually run out of free space. And when it does, it’s good to think about optimizing your space – for instance, by putting documents strewn all over the desktop in one designated place, putting mouse and keyboard cables in order, or investing in a good display mount. The last solution will come handy for every person that struggles with clutter, so it’s good to give it careful consideration and make the optimal decision for you. Consider the following: 

  • Number of monitors – everyone knows that more monitors mean less space for gear and accessories that you use daily. So, if you have multiple monitors on your desk, one option to consider is a mount for two displays (or more, depending on what you need).  
  • Height adjustment – the height at which your monitor is placed has a huge impact on your health. Both leaning forward too much and sitting in front of a monitor that’s too high up can lead to posture defects and eyesight problems – especially if you’re too close to the screen. You can learn more in our guide „Gaming desk – best choices for a gamer”. 
  • Load – an incorrectly selected load of a mount can lead to the construction breaking and, as a result, to damage to the monitor. This is why, especially with mounts for 2 or more monitors, it’s important to precisely (and ideally, with a few kilograms to spare) calculate the estimated load. ENDORFY mounts can handle 8 kg (Atlas Single and Atlas Single Onyx White) or 2 × 8 kg (Atlas Double). 

What to keep in mind when buying a display mount 

Mount models available for purchase give you a few options for how to mount a monitor. You can screw them directly into a well next to the desk or fasten them to the desktop. Before making a purchase decision, it’s good to consider what your everyday use of the computer is. For instance, after you’re done gaming, do you change your screen’s orientation to vertical (which is popular among programmers, among others). Of equal importance are the parameters and purpose of your computer workspace. In the case of adjustable desks, it’s a good idea to go for solutions with a wide range of positions for the monitor. ENDORFY holds allow you to change the height, direction and angle of the screen.  

The material of the mount is also worth paying attention to. We know from experience that metal models (such as Atlas Double) work best; simply enough, they are more durable than plastic ones. If you care about a coherent visual style of your workspace, you can also opt for a material in a color that matches it. At ENDORFY, we give you a choice between black (Atlas Single) and white (Atlas Single Onyx White). 

Single vs double display mount 

Many users, especially those who own a large amount of computer equipment, consider buying a mount for 2 or more monitors. This solution certainly makes it easier to keep a desk tidy and allows for easy (and quick) management of monitors, which will come especially handy to gamers and people who work remotely. However, if you want an unusual arrangement of your equipment (or just don’t plan to buy multiple monitors), a single mount should meet your needs just fine. 

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How do I keep my desk tidy?

Keeping things orderly on one’s desktop is something of a challenge, especially if you work remotely or just own a lot of gear. To prevent the desktop from being cluttered, it’s good to take advantage of tried-and-true solutions available for purchase. One popular option is desks with grommets and dedicated hook-and-loop fasteners that allow you to quickly conceal a tangle of cables on your desk (you can find those in ENDORFY catalog). We also know from experience that space management is well-served by stands and holds for all sorts of equipment – such as a keyboard or headphone stand or a display mount. This solution not only gives your station more personality, but also frees up more space on your desktop.  

Display mount for my desktop vs for my wall – which should I choose?

Proper monitor placement can help you avoid many health problems related to improper posture (or eyesight, if you’re too close to the screen). So, which is better for your health – a desktop stand for your monitor or a wall-based mount? 

To better answer this question, you should take a look at the rules for computer placement that we describe in the guide „Gaming desk – best choices for a gamer”. The placement of the desk is important as well. When it stands next to the wall (which is probably the most common choice), you can install the monitor either on the desk or above it. However, if your station is some distance away from the wall, the best solution is to put the mount directly on the desktop.

What is the VESA standard?

The monitor market is extremely varied, both in terms of models and screen sizes. Larger monitors, due to their weight, use mounting solutions that facilitate finding compatible mounts. One such standard is VESA, which is an international norm for screw spacing on a monitor case (for ENDORFY monitors it’s 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm). Thanks to that you can choose correct mounting accessories for your computer screen.

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