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Gaming desk – best choices for a gamer 

Which gaming desk to pick 

A gaming desk is, alongside a properly selected chair, a basic part of furnishing a home gaming station. That’s where the epic fights and strategic talks about world domination happen. The desk should be spacious enough to fit a computer with all its accessories and tall enough to support proper posture during long battles against virtual opponents. Appearance is important as well – as the centerpiece of a home entertainment center, a gaming desk gives a room personality and underscores the gamer’s individual style. There are many models on the market that, in addition to looking awesome, offer extra functions that allow for the best fit for the player’s expectations. Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to consider one’s needs carefully. 

Gaming desk – what to pay attention to 

Other than the gaming chair, a computer desk is the most essential piece of equipment for every gaming station. We know that even the best hardware will not give you full satisfaction from online battles if you put it on a desktop that’s too small or ill-fitted for your needs. This is why choosing a gaming desk should take into account specific parameters that make it easier to keep things tidy and supports proper posture when using the computer. These include: 

  • Desktop size – we all know that a larger desktop gives more flexibility to arrange things and space for gaming accessories. But for a smaller room, a desktop in a modest size may prove a better choice, so that it doesn’t crowd your room. This is why ENDORFY offers two desktop variants to best fit the needs of every player: 
  • Desktop load – a gaming desk bears a lot of weight. A computer with all the essential accessories weighs quite a bit on its own, and on top of that, there is recording equipment as well – or just a few knick-knacks. This is why, before your purchase, you should check the maximum load of a desk. With ENDORFY, that’s 80 kg. 
  • Height adjustment – desktops with regulated height changed gamers’ perspective (quite literally) toward time spent at a computer. Electric desktops make it easier to keep proper posture even when you alternate between standing and sitting – for instance, balancing on a Pilates ball. When choosing an adjustable desk, it’s good to check if it has a display for setting its height (you can find one in models such as Atlas L Electric). This will allow you to precisely set the level of your desktop. 
  • Additional amenities – such as a way to hide annoying cables or a stand for headphones that will free up a little more space on the desktop. ENDORFY gaming desks, for example, come equipped with dedicated cable grommets (such as Atlas S) and indentations for a monitor holder (for example, Atlas L). 

The material a computer desk is made of also requires consideration. At ENDORFY, we opted for a desktop with a scratch-resistant surface and a carbon design and two massive, steel legs. It comes in two colors, white and black. 

How to hide the cables under the desk? 

Many gamers, especially those with a lot of gear, wonder how to hide cables under the desktop. Dangling (or tangled) cables look bad and often get in the way. This is why the best option is to buy one with a built-in solution for keeping cables in order such as grommets within the desktop or a dedicated shelf under it. It’s also possible to buy accessories that help with wrangled wild cables (such as hook-and-loop fasteners and self-adhesive hangers). 

Is keeping the desk tidy made more difficult by a large monitor (or a few)? In this case, it’s good to give some thought to buying a display mount. Depending on the model, you can put it on your desk or on the wall behind it. Then all you have to do is attach a monitor to it and you’re set. This solution frees up more space and keeps your workspace from being cluttered. It also makes it quick and easy to adjust the monitor on multiple axes (with, e.g., Atlas Single or Atlas Single Onyx White). 

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Gamer chair – which chair do I choose for my desktop?

When choosing a chair that suits you best, you should primarily think in terms of your physical frame (this is important, among other things, for finding a chair cylinder for the correct load) and the ability to adjust the chair’s height relative to the desk. Before you buy, think about a few things that will impact the comfort of your everyday use of your gaming station. We described those in the guide „Gaming chairs. What to pay attention to when buying”. 

ENDORFY offers a wide array of gaming chairs that support proper posture and cushion your spine’s key sections – lumbar and sacral.

How high should my desk be?

A proper height of a gaming chair prevents many health problems related to a bad sitting posture. Both an overly hunched position and sitting next to a desk that’s too high can lead to defects in posture (or eyesight problems, if you’re too close to the screen). So, what is the correct height? For gamers taller than 170 cm the desktop should be at around 80-85 cm, while for shorter users, the optimum is less than 70 cm. If you share your workspace with another person, consider buying a desk with adjustable height. 

Where do I place my computer on the desktop?

You certainly have a few favorite positions when using your computer. But are you aware of how they impact your posture, your spine, and your eyesight? You may have little interest in this issue now, but in a few years, you will start feeling the first effects of curling up in your chair or leaning heavily toward your monitor. This is why, when sitting at a desk, you should pay close attention to a few crucial rules for placing your computer on a desktop. These are:  

  • The ratio between the height of the chair and the gaming desk should allow for a natural position of the hands. 
  • To ensure the best support for your arms possible the keyboard should be about 10 cm away from the edge of the desk. 
  • The monitor should be 50-75 cm from your eyes. Make sure its upper edge is no higher than your line of sight (it’s best if you look at the monitor at a 20 to 50 degree angle). 
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