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Computer headphones – what to look for when choosing 

Who could use headphones 

On-ear headphones are a good choice for anyone who values a clean sound and ease of use. Thanks to their large membranes and soft padding of ear cups, they not only ensure great sound quality but also muffle ambient sounds. This makes them ideal for listening to music and watching movies. But not just that – headphones, with the addition of proper accessories, handle the following situations just as well: 

  • Chats and video calls – with a detachable microphone (offered as an option for, among others, our Viro and Viro Onyx White microphone) you can create a handy set for online meetings. 
  • Recording podcasts – just plug a good streaming microphone into your computer (such as our Solum Broadcast or Solum Studio) and you’re ready to have your own online audio show. 
  • Sports – large headphones with breathable ear pads (for example the Viro Infra model) will do great at the gym or when Nordic walking. We’ve checked! 

Headphones – what to consider when buying 

Buying good headphones will pay off for years. They can be used to listen to music (obviously), for chats (especially the models with built-in microphones), or streaming (for example those with a sound card included), so it’s good to scrutinize your chosen model from the point of view of every activity you’ll use it for. This way, you’ll enjoy your reliable equipment for that much longer. 

The features to keep in mind before a purchase definitely include sound quality and effective muffling of ambient sounds. This is ensured, among others, by drivers (those in Viro Plus USB and Viro Plus USB Onyx White are as large as 53 mm) as well as deep ear cup domes (you can find these in all models of ENDORFY headphones, for example Viro Infra). Comfort of use is equally important – headphones ought to be light and cushy, especially if you plan on wearing them for extended periods of time. On the other hand, if you plan to use headphones for games or chats, you might want to consider a model that includes a handy detachable microphone. 

Ear pad replacement – step by step 

Some models of on-ear headphones (including Viro Infra) offer the option of easily replacing their ear pads. This simple action requires no advanced knowledge or skill – just follow the instruction included with the headphones. In most cases (including ENDORFY gear), this is done in three simple steps described below: 

  • Prepare new ear pads and headphones – you’ll make the task easier if everything is on hand. 
  • Remove the old cups – ENDORFY headphones include a special indentation that makes it easier to pry the material away and remove the ear cups. 
  • Put on the new pads– with our headphones, all you need to do is to put the edges of the material in the dedicated groove.

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How do I pair the headphones with a phone?

If you’re using corded headphones, pairing them with a phone only requires you to connect the cable to the headphone jack. The hardware should automatically recognize the new equipment and allow you to use it. 

For headphones using Bluetooth technology, you need to start by putting them into pairing mode. This usually requires pressing and holding the power button when they are off (you can confirm this with the instruction manual). The next step is to turn on the same function in your phone – most models allow that with a simple press of the “Bluetooth” option in the phone’s setting. Now you can select the headphones from the list of available devices. 

What headphones are good for work?

Using headphones at work does not just help to cut you off from the noise at the office or, in the case of remote work, noisy neighbors. They also support you in calls with clients and online meetings, so you should give careful consideration to the model you choose. Below is a list of the most important requirements that a pair of work headphones needs to meet. 

  • Microphone included – headphones of this type are ideal for calls and online meetings. For greater ease of use, you can also opt for a variant with a detachable microphone. 
  • Breathable ear pads – they ensure your ears do not get hot even after a few hours of use. This is important, especially if you wear your headphones for long stretches of time. 
  • Wired vs. wireless – wireless headphones are useful for work that requires you to move around a lot. If you rarely leave your desk, a model with a cable should be sufficient for you. 

The look of headphones also matters. If you have the opportunity, you might want to pick headphones that fit your workspace or the nature of your job. We know from experience that two popular choices are minimalist models in black or white. 

Are on-ear headphones comfortable?

Whether a pair of headphones is comfortable depends on individual preferences of any given user. At first glance, smaller models with earbuds may seem lighter and therefore more pleasant to use. Unfortunately, they put more strain on the ears since they might compress fragile cartilage. 

On-ear headphones surround the ear with soft material that ensures comfort. They include a special headband, often cushioned, that distributes their pressure on the head well and allows for comfortable use of the equipment. The final decision, however, is entirely up to you 🙂 

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