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Gaming chairs – what to pay attention to when buying 

What gaming chair to pick 

Thinking of buying a gaming chair? We can tell you already that this is not going to be an easy choice – long hours spent in front of a computer put a strain on the neck and lumbar. This is why a properly selected chair for a gamer should, above all else, support proper posture and ensure good ergonomics of your gaming station. Looks are not insignificant, either – as the centerpiece of the home entertainment center, a gaming chair completes the interior arrangement. Taking these elements into account, ENDORFY offers two types of chairs for gamers: 

  • Bucket seats – free up space for free hand movements and stabilize the spine in a correct position for an extended amount of time. This is thanks to, among others, a wide seat, a high backrest made of cold-pressed foam, and two contoured memory foam pillows. Add to that wide and fully adjustable armrests that support a proper position thereof. With visual appeal in mind, the chairs are available in a few variants. These include Scrim Onyx White, Scrim BK, and Scrim YL 
  • Ergonomic – they hug the spine well and support it in five most important spots, including the lumbar. A wide range of adjustment for the seat, head rest and arm rests help the user maintain proper posture and increases comfort of use. The color variants available – Meta BK and Meta RD – are a nod both towards the bolder users and those who favor a classic look. 

Gaming chair – what to pay attention to 

A good gaming chair is an investment for years. Contrary to what most think, it’s not a solution geared only for gamers. Since remote and hybrid work is getting more popular, an increasing number of people decide to buy a proper chair. Keep in mind that its most important task should be to support the spine correctly and to allow freedom of movement at the desk. Before making a purchase, it’s good to check the following parameters: 

  • Seat – gaming chairs (especially cheaper ones) are often made from foam, which can get deformed over time due to body weight. A much better choice is molded foam, which is dent resistant. You’ll find it used in all ENDORFY chairs, for example in the Scrim BK F model. 
  • Back- and headrest – extended hours spent in one position put a strain on the spine and can lead to posture defects (especially since the head tends to move forward when gaming). This is why it’s particularly important to check the width and height of the backrest as well as the headrest and their ability to be precisely adjusted to the body shape. ENDORFY chairs offer the ability to adjust the angle from 90° to 150° (Scrim series) and from 100° to 125° (Meta series). It’s also good for the backrest to have pillows with adjustable height. These can conform to the natural spine shape, which means you will settle in the correct position, further removing strain from the neck and lumbar. 
  • Armrests – they’re like the bass guitar in a rock band – you only notice them when something is off. If they’re accordingly fitted, they allow you to position the arms correctly when using the computer, which is why it’s so important to adjust them properly. These days, 2D vertical and sideways adjustment is the standard. More and more producers, including ENDORFY, give users the option of 3D like in the Meta series – vertical, horizontal and sideways – or 4D regulation like in the Scrim series – vertical, horizontal, sideways and swivel – which makes it possible to fine-tune the chair’s adjustment. 
  • Cylinder – a gaming chair needs to be able to support your weight even if you often shift and squirm or move around the room. Thanks to the use of the highest – fourth – cylinder class, the standard for ENDORFY chairs is as high as 150 kg of static load (120 kg of dynamic load). 

The chair’s upholstery is also worth paying attention to. It’s not just a cool design element, it also protects your body from overheating during extended time spent in front of your computer. Another advantage is durability and ease of cleaning – with that in mind, ENDORFY chairs are covered either with a combination of PU leather and fabric (including Scrim RD) or with fabric alone (Scrim BK F). 

Protective pad for a gaming chair – an important accessory 

It’s good to buy a chair together with a dedicated protective floor pad. Placed under a gaming chair, it protects the floor from damage and fully muffles the sound of rolling wheels (your downstairs neighbors will thank you for this). There are also waterproof pads available for sale, to protect the floor from water damage. We know from experience that for that purpose, PVC does very well (it’s also easy to clean) – every ENDORFY floor pad is made of it. 

They come in 3 sizes and shapes: Floor Pad 90S, Floor Pad 120R and Floor Pad 110C. 

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Which gaming chair do I buy?

ENDORFY offers many gaming chairs that help you greatly in your daily tasks. Everything is down to your preferences and body shape – these are the factors that determine the particular functions and build of the chair. Here’s a few factors to keep in mind: 

  • Type of chair – bucket seats are the best for games. But if you know that you’ll spend a few hours in your home office beyond just your daily quests, go for an ergonomic construction that offers better support for your neck and lumbar. 
  • Type of upholstery – easy-to-clean PU leather or a matte fabric? Each has its perks, but the final decision is yours. If you prioritize good air circulation under your… seat ( 😉 ), a breathable fabric is sure to be perfect. 
  • Adjustability of individual components – a good gaming chair should offer a variety of options for user adjustments and ENDORFY makes sure to deliver. You can change the height of the seat, adjust your armrests and the angle of the backrest. 
  • Cylinder – all ENDORFY gaming chairs are supported by the top (fourth) class cylinders, with 150 kg of static load and 120 kg of dynamic load. 

Gaming chair – leather or fabric?

It’s not easy to pick between leather and fabric, since practical considerations are as important as looks. 

If you’re a fan of easily cleaned materials and elegant design, go for PU leather. It looks similar to natural leather, but it’s easier to maintain. On the other hand, if you want better air circulation behind your back, a variant with fabric will be great for your workspace. You could choose, for example, an elastic material or the so-called membrane fabric. 

Why do I need a floor pad for my gaming chair?

Many users think buying a protective pad is an unnecessary fancy. Usually this is because they think they can use their chair carefully and not scratch the floor. There are people as well who forego a pad for aesthetic reasons – a pad-less floor simply looks more attractive to them. 

But you should remember that a floor pad protects your floor from scratches and liquids. By putting your gaming chair on one you are also sure that the neighbors will not hear the rattling of your chair’s wheels across the floor. 

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