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Thock Palm Rest  

Soft pillow pad that you’ll love for comfort. With Thock Palm Rest   you just click longer – because with such a support you won’t become unstuck from your PC.

This is thanks to the memory foam, which takes care of wrists like a professional masseur. Plus, you also get a magnetic mount and 6 rubber feet. With their support, the writs rest holds the desk tightly like posters in the 90s held on to the walls.

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Product code: EY0E006

Thock Palm Rest  

Solid support for your hands while working is like the backing vocals at a concert – you only notice when they’re missing. It’s the same with palm rests. You can click without them, but after a few hours, you feel that something isn’t working. And then the Thock Palm Rest   comes onto the stage desk. It's a soft pillow for your wrists and a perfect match to any of our full-sized Thock keyboards. 

It easily remains in place on the desk and doesn’t move even when you keep it at a distance from the keyboard. Thanks to its magnetic mounts and 6 rubber feet, you can maintain a laser-like focus on what’s happening on the screen (not next to it).  

Technical data

  • Product codeEY0E006
  • EAN-135903018665337
  • Warranty [months]24

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