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Meta BK

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It's hellishly elegant and as comfortable as a king-size bed. The Meta BK is the hotel chair to manage the world in comfort.

Its backrest consists of 5 distinct segments that stabilize your spine like the best physiotherapists (with the difference that you don’t have to book an appointment). Plus, the whole is held on top class actuator, so you can fidget without worrying that you’ll land on the floor ;)

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Product code: EY8A005

Meta BK

The Meta BK is as comfortable as a bed in a five-star hotel. We've dressed it in a black airy fabric that looks good and make sure that your back doesn't get too hot. Even if you play sit in it for hours ;) 

The Meta BK's backrest comprises five separate segments that hsupport your spine (physiotherapists all over the world over like this). Plus, you can adjust height of the seat in a range of 420-500mm – it's held in place by a top-of-the-range gas cylinder with a load capacity of up to 120 kg. You can also comfortably adjust the armrests (vertically, horizontally, and sideways) and headrests (pitch and height). And when you feel the urge to recline a little, the seat will adjust itself to your body’s position.


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Technical data

  • Product codeEY8A005
  • EAN-135903018666495
  • Warranty [months]24
  • Product typegaming chair
  • Colorblack
  • Dimensions [mm]1300×690×640
  • Materialfabric
  • Backrest
    • Height [mm]685
    • Thickness [mm]60
    • Inner width [mm]280
    • Outer width [mm]470
    • Minimum incline angle [°]100
    • Maximum incline angle [°]125
  • Seat
    • Minimum height (from ground level) [mm]420
    • Maximum height (from ground level) [mm]500
    • Inner width [mm]385
    • Outer width [mm]575
    • Thickness [mm]110
    • Depth [mm]520
    • Type of rocking mechanismsynchro TILT
  • Armrests
    • Minimum height [mm]285
    • Maximum height [mm]355
    • Rotation adjustmentyes
    • Position adjustmentyes (front, rear, left, right)
  • Base
    • Arm length [mm]330
    • Gas lift type175 mm Class 4
  • Wheels
    • Diameter [mm]60
    • Materialnylon
  • User
    • Minimum height [cm]160
    • Maximum height [cm]185
    • Maximum weight [kg]120

    Set includes

    • Meta BK gaming chair
    • 1× Assembly kit
    • 1× User and safety manual



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