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Floor Pad FP120R

It’s durable, fears nothing and protects the floor like hthe best superhero. Meet Floor Pad FP120R – your new support for special tasks.

Made of durable PVC material (which insulates the floor from water, abrasion and damage made by the chair), our floor pad blocks the sounds of wheels shuffling on the floor. Your downstairs neighbors will thank you (maybe one day we’ll use it to soundproof our studio) ;)

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Product code: EY8G001

Floor Pad FP120R

When your home office needs extra support, the Floor Pad FP120R comes onstage to the rescue. It's a durable mat made from waterproof PVC material that can withstand any sudden movement of your chair. Even if you scoot on plastic wheels.

Plus, this bad boy holds onto the floor as tightly as posters in the 90s stuck to walls – doesn't move even when you put it on the ceramic tiles. And beautifully blocks out the sounds of wheels scratching shuffling on the surface. Something tells us that this feature may please your neighbors.

Technical data

  • Product codeEY8G001
  • EAN-135903018666518
  • Warranty [months]24
  • Product typefloor pad
  • Colorblack
  • Dimensions [mm]900×1200
  • Thickness [mm]2.2
  • Shaperectangle
  • MaterialPVC

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