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Floor Pad FP90S

Durable. Waterproof. Convenient. Simply speaking, Floor Pad FP90S is a solid rug for your chair – just sit down and go about your business while it looks after the rest floor.

We made it from thick and durable PVC material. It’s a real shield that – even after many hours of wriggling in the chair – looks as fresh as if it just came out of the box. If someone decided to sell shields in boxes, OFC ;)

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Product code: EY8G002

Floor Pad FP90S

If you like to fidget sometimes, you'll love the Floor Pad FP90S. It’s a very nice and extremely durable floor shield mat, made from thick PVC material. Thanks to this, even after long hours of spinning in the chair, it looks as fresh as a runner moments before the first ultramarathon. The only difference is that our mat doesn’t need good shoes or sportswear to survive.

We’ve designed the Floor Pad FP90S to stick to the floor – even if it’s made of ceramic tiles. As a result, the hwaterproof material stays in place even when you travel a lot with your seat. And it also mutes the sounds of the wheels rolling.

Technical data

  • Product codeEY8G002
  • EAN-135903018666525
  • Warranty [months]24
  • Product typefloor pad
  • Colorblack
  • Dimensions [mm]900×900
  • Thickness [mm]2.2
  • Shapesquare
  • MaterialPVC

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