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Cordura Speed XL

Our favorite racetrack mousepad just got bigger. The Cordura Speed XL will hold everything you need for work and entertainment. Once you lay your hand on it, you’ll no longer want to use other pads.

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Product code: EY6B003

Cordura Speed XL

The Cordura Speed XL is 90 cm wide, so it can easily fit your mouse, keyboard, and any other accessories. Some people even use it as a beverage holster – and we're not surprised because it's hydrophobic. The smooth surface of this mousepad will make your maneuvers movements more precise. You don't have to frantically flick your mouse across the desk anymore – the cursor will always go where you tell it to.

The Cordura Speed XL is also robust and resistant to abrasion – thanks to…, you’ve guessed right, CORDURA®, a fabric that makers of h protective military clothing have been using for years. It’s solid and pleasant to the touch – once you lay your hand on it, you’ll no longer want to use other pads.

Technical data

  • Product typemousepad
  • Mousepad typespeed
  • Dimensions [mm]400×900×3
  • Material (top)
    • TypeCORDURA®
    • Propertieswaterproof
    • Colorblack
  • Material (bottom)
    • Typerubber
    • Propertiesnon-slip
    • Colorblack
  • Edges
    • Stitchingyes
    • Roundedyes
    • Colorblack
  • Mouse/sensor compatibility
    • laseryes
    • opticalyes


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