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LIX Onyx White Wireless

Deadlier than a Kraken, cuter than a unicorn. Unleash yourself and your potential with the brilliant LIX Onyx White Wireless.

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Product code: EY6A010

LIX Onyx White Wireless

It’s a bolt, it’s a flash, it’s a quick silver strike of lightning – powered by the ultra-sensitive PixArt PAW3335 sensor and ultra-durable Kailh GM 4.0 mechanical switches, it never falls behind. With a maximum tracking speed of 10.16 m/s and a lifespan of 60 m clicks, the LIX Onyx White Wireless exceeds expectations and embraces any challenge.

Thanks to the slick PTFE feet and dazzling ARGB backlight, it glides across the mousepad effortlessly like a ballet dancer… If ballet dancers had sniper rifles.

Technical data

  • Product typemouse
  • Type of micewireless
  • Colorwhite
  • Dimensions [mm]126×65.7×38.5
  • SensorPixArt PAW3335
  • Sensor typeoptical
  • Maximum tracking speed [m/s]10.16
  • Maximum sensitivity [DPI]16,000
  • Base sensitivity options [DPI]400, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000
  • MicroswitchesKailh GM 4.0
  • Microswitches service-life [clicks]60 million
  • Connectivity
    • USB-Cyes, cable length: 1.6 m
    • Wi-Fi 2.4 Gyes
  • Backlight typeARGB
  • SkatesPTFE
  • Compatibility
    • Windowsyes
    • macOSyes
    • Linuxyes
  • Softwareyes (optional)
  • Software compatibility
    • WindowsWindows 10




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