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Viro Plus USB

If we were to use only one pair of headphones for the rest of our lives, we would choose Viro Plus USB model without blinking an eye. We're dead serious – it looks like it came straight from a render magazine and provides sound as clean as a mountain spring in the morning (but what else can you expect from a USB sound card with 7.1 audio, right?). Real equipment for conversations, for games... For you ;)

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Product code: EY1A001

Viro Plus USB

The Viro Plus USB are minimalist headphones with audio as clean as a newbie’s armor before their first battle. Some say it’s thanks to magic massive drivers (53 mm!). 

Together with the Viro Plus USB, you get a detachable microphone with a pop filter. It’s small but sufficient for any conversation. This little guy dampens background noises like a pro, so you don’t have to worry about BFFs hearing your mom vacuuming at some ungodly hour. For your convenience, we also give you an extra pair of earpads. They are pleasantly soft – made from a durable, air-permeable fabric. 

Almost forgot! You’ll also get a USB sound card with 7.1 audio and dedicated software. Fine-tune specific frequencies and save custom profiles for that extra oomph.

Technical data

  • Product typeheadphones
  • Colorblack
  • Dimensions [mm]172×195×96.5
  • Drivers [mm]Ø 53
  • Impedance [Ω]32 (±20%)
  • Sensitivity [dB at 1 kHz]98±4
  • Frequency response [Hz]20–20 000
  • Microphoneyes (detachable)
  • Microphone impedance [kΩ]≤2.2
  • Microphone sensitivity [dB/mW]-55±4
  • Connectivity
    • USByes, cable length: 1.2–2.9 m
  • Compatibility
    • Windowsyes
    • macOSyes
    • Linuxyes
  • Softwareyes (optional)
  • Software compatibility
    • WindowsWindows 10




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