Warranty conditions

In the event of non-compliance of the sold item with the sales agreement, the buyer is entitled by law to legal protection measures at the expense of the seller (warranty for defects of the sold item). The provision of this warranty does not affect these legal protection measures and only constitutes an additional consumer entitlement.
The warranty is provided by Cooling Sp. z o.o., the owner of the ENDORFY brand, located at ul. Sokołowska 24, 05-806 Sokołów (“Guarantor”).

Warranty terms:
1. This warranty is provided to consumers and entrepreneur-consumers.
2. The warranty is valid in the territory of the Republic of Poland, for for new products of the Endorfy brand purchased in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
3. Guarantee rights are asserted on the basis of a proof of purchase (a fiscal receipt or VAT invoice) enabling the identification of the product, the date of purchase, the seller’s details, and optionally the product model, serial number or other individual product identification.
4. The guarantor guarantees that products of the Endorfy brand will be free from manufacturing and material defects.
5. The warranty is valid for the period indicated in the product specification, which may be found on the product or on its packaging, as well as in table no. 1 attached to this warranty. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase of the product as shown on the proof of purchase.
6. The warranty holder may demand repair or replacement of the product. The guarantor may perform a replacement if the warranty holder requests repair or may perform a repair if the warranty holder requests a replacement, if chosen by the warranty holder method of warranty performance is impossible or would require excessive costs.
7. If repair and replacement are impossible or would require excessive costs, the guarantor may decide to fulfill the warranty by refunding the price paid for the product through the seller.
8. The guarantee covers only physical defects and firmware of the product. The warranty does not cover the operation of add-on software to extend the functionality of the product or third-party software.
9. The guarantor reserves the right to update the product to the current version of the product, e.g., by updating the firmware or replacing components with newer revisions, even if it is not directly related to the product’s defect.
10. Replacement of a product with a new one free from defects can be realized by replacing it with the same model or a similar model in terms of functionality, quality, and no worse parameters (which may slightly differ in terms of design and technical specifications), in the case when repair is impossible or would require excessive costs.

Warranty exclusions
1. The Guarantor’s liability under the warranty covers only defects resulting from causes inherent in the sold item.
2. In the event of a grossly unjustified complaint, involving abuse of the complainant’s subjective rights, the Guarantor may demand from the complainant compensation for the damage suffered in relation with the abuse of rights. In particular, the Guarantor may demand the reimbursement of delivery costs and the cost of handling the complaint.
3. Warranty claims expire in relation to a product in which it has been ascertained that:
a) the product has been used improperly and contrary to the instructions for use;
b) the product has been exposed to external factors, such as heat, humidity, large temperature fluctuations, pollutants (including tobacco smoke, e-cigarette smoke, food, liquids), chemicals, overload, atmospheric discharge, short-circuit, flooding, etc.;
c) the product has been affected by force majeure, such as a storm, flood, fire, flooding, or pestilence;
d) mechanical damage resulting from use and tear or accidents and random events (e.g., scratches, cracks, chips). Any aesthetic defects such as scratches, cracks, and painting defects can only be recognized when the product is new, without any signs of assembly and/or use;
e) the use of improper software not included with the product, if it results from user interference (e.g., installation of incorrect drivers, use of unlicensed software);
f) unauthorized interference, modification, violation of warranty seals, violation of stickers (labels) with the serial number (if applicable);
g) incorrect installation or assembly or incorrect maintenance and operation (e.g. power supply with incorrect voltage).

Warranty procedure
1. All complaints are handled exclusively through the online information system at endorfy.com/RMA
2. The warranty holder filing a complaint chooses the preferred method of warranty fulfillment: repair or replacement, and enters the following information into the system: product model, product serial number, date of purchase, copy of sales document, detailed description of the defect, return address.
3. The warranty holder should report a product defect to the Guarantor within 14 days of its discovery, under the painof the Guarantor’s refusal to perform obligations under the granted warranty.
4. After verifying the correctness of the complaint submission, the warranty service may request additional explanations or documentation (especially photos of the product), and then respond and propose a solution within 14 days through remote assistance and/or product pickup at the Guarantor’s expense.
5. The Guarantor will perform repairs or replacements in a reasonable time. The Guarantor will make every effort to remedy the defect no later than 21 days from the date of delivery of the product to the warranty performance location or making the product available to the Guarantor. In special cases, such as the need to import replacement parts or products from abroad, the repair or replacement period may be extended, but no more than another 14 days.
6. The place of warranty performance is the Guarantor’s service headquarters at COOLING sp. z o.o., ul. Sokołowska 24, 05-806 Sokołów.
7. Shipments sent to the Guarantor by the warranty holder must be marked with the given complaint number in a visible place. Shipments without the complaint number placed in a visible place will not be accepted.
8. Products delivered to the warranty service should be complete. Returning an incomplete product may extend the warranty fulfillment period or render it impossible. The product should be protected against damage that may occur during transportation. Refusal to provide the Guarantor with a product that requires repair or replacement may result in the dismissal of the complaint.

Warranty list

Product nameProduct codeWarranty period in months
ENDORFY Studio Boom ArmEY0A00524
ENDORFY Streaming Boom ArmEY0A00624
ENDORFY Pactum 4 1.5 gEY0C00324
ENDORFY Pactum 4 - 4 gEY0C00424
ENDORFY PBT PuddingEY0E00224
ENDORFY PBT Pudding Onyx WhiteEY0E00324
ENDORFY Thock Palm RestEY0E00624
ENDORFY Thock 75% Palm RestEY0E00724
ENDORFY Thock TKL Palm RestEY0E00824
ENDORFY Viro Onyx WhiteEY1A00424
ENDORFY Viro Plus USB Onyx WhiteEY1A00524
ENDORFY SolumEY1B00124
ENDORFY Solum TEY1B00224
ENDORFY Solum Streaming TEY1B00324
ENDORFY Solum StreamingEY1B00424
ENDORFY Solum Streaming Onyx WhiteEY1B00524
ENDORFY AXIS StreamingEY1B00624
ENDORFY AXIS Streaming Onyx WhiteEY1B00724
ENDORFY Solum BroadcastEY1B00824
ENDORFY Solum StudioEY1B00924
ENDORFY Solum Voice SEY1B01324
ENDORFY Ventum 200 SolidEY2A00136
ENDORFY Ventum 200 AirEY2A00236
ENDORFY Signum 300 SolidEY2A00336
ENDORFY Signum 300 CoreEY2A00436
ENDORFY Signum 300 AirEY2A00536
ENDORFY Signum 300 ARGBEY2A00636
ENDORFY Regnum 400 AirEY2A00836
ENDORFY Regnum 400 ARGBEY2A00936
ENDORFY Arx 500 AirEY2A01024
ENDORFY Arx 700 AirEY2A01224
ENDORFY Ventum 200 ARGBEY2A01436
ENDORFY Spartan 5EY3A00172
ENDORFY Spartan 5 ARGBEY3A00272
ENDORFY Spartan 5 MAXEY3A00372
ENDORFY Fera 5EY3A00572
ENDORFY Fera 5 Dual FanEY3A00672
ENDORFY Fortis 5EY3A00872
ENDORFY Fortis 5 Dual FanEY3A00972
ENDORFY Fortis 5 ARGBEY3A01072
ENDORFY Navis F240EY3B00136
ENDORFY Navis F280EY3B00236
ENDORFY Navis F360EY3B00336
ENDORFY Navis F240 ARGBEY3B00436
ENDORFY Navis F280 ARGBEY3B00536
ENDORFY Navis F360 ARGBEY3B00636
ENDORFY Fluctus 120 PWMEY4A00172
ENDORFY Fluctus 120 PWM ARGBEY4A00272
ENDORFY Fluctus 140 PWMEY4A00372
ENDORFY Fluctus 140 PWM ARGBEY4A00472
ENDORFY Stratus 120 PWMEY4A00760
ENDORFY Stratus 120 PWM ARGBEY4A00860
ENDORFY Stratus 140 PWMEY4A01160
ENDORFY Stratus 140 PWM ARGBEY4A01260
ENDORFY Zephyr 120EY4A01736
ENDORFY Zephyr 80EY4A01936
ENDORFY Thock TKL BlueEY5A00124
ENDORFY Thock TKL BrownEY5A00224
ENDORFY Thock TKL RedEY5A00324
ENDORFY Thock TKL Pudding BlueEY5A00424
ENDORFY Thock TKL Pudding BrownEY5A00524
ENDORFY Thock TKL Pudding RedEY5A00624
ENDORFY Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White BlueEY5A00724
ENDORFY Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White BrownEY5A00824
ENDORFY Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White RedEY5A00924
ENDORFY Omnis BlueEY5A02824
ENDORFY Omnis BrownEY5A02924
ENDORFY Omnis RedEY5A03024
ENDORFY Omnis Pudding BlueEY5A03124
ENDORFY Omnis Pudding BrownEY5A03224
ENDORFY Omnis Pudding RedEY5A03324
ENDORFY Omnis Pudding Onyx White BlueEY5A03424
ENDORFY Omnis Pudding Onyx White BrownEY5A03524
ENDORFY Omnis Pudding Onyx White RedEY5A03624
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless BrownEY5A06724
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless RedEY5A06824
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless BlackEY5A06924
ENDORFY Thock Compact RedEY5A07124
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless RedEY5A07324
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless BlackEY5A07424
ENDORFY Thock 75% RedEY5A07624
ENDORFY Thock Wireless BrownEY5A07824
ENDORFY Thock Wireless RedEY5A07924
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless RedEY5A08024
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless BlackEY5A08124
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless Pudding Onyx White RedEY5A11824
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless Pudding RedEY5A11924
ENDORFY Thock Wireless Pudding Onyx White RedEY5A12024
ENDORFY Thock BlueEY5A12124
ENDORFY Thock BrownEY5A12224
ENDORFY Thock RedEY5A12324
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless NO RedEY5B00124
ENDORFY Thock TKL NO BrownEY5B00324
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless NO BrownEY5B00524
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless NO RedEY5B00624
ENDORFY Thock 75% NO RedEY5B00724
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless NO BlackEY5B00824
ENDORFY Thock NO BrownEY5B00924
ENDORFY Thock NO RedEY5B01024
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless CZ RedEY5C00124
ENDORFY Thock TKL CZ BrownEY5C00324
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless CZ RedEY5C00524
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless CZ BrownEY5C00624
ENDORFY Thock 75% CZ RedEY5C00724
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless CZ BlackEY5C00824
ENDORFY Thock CZ RedEY5C00924
ENDORFY Thock CZ BrownEY5C01024
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless Pudding DE RedEY5D00124
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless Pudding DE BlackEY5D00224
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless Pudding Onyx White DE RedEY5D00324
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless Pudding Onyx White DE BlackEY5D00424
ENDORFY Thock TKL DE BrownEY5D00624
ENDORFY Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White DE BrownEY5D01224
ENDORFY Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White DE RedEY5D01324
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless DE BrownEY5D01424
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless DE RedEY5D01524
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless Pudding DE BrownEY5D01624
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless Pudding DE RedEY5D01724
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless DE RedEY5D01824
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless Pudding DE BlackEY5D01924
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless Pudding Onyx White DE BlackEY5D02024
ENDORFY Thock DE BrownEY5D02124
ENDORFY Thock DE RedEY5D02224
ENDORFY Thock Pudding DE BrownEY5D02324
ENDORFY Thock Pudding DE RedEY5D02424
ENDORFY Omnis DE RedEY5D02724
ENDORFY Omnis Pudding Onyx White DE BrownEY5D03224
ENDORFY Omnis Pudding Onyx White DE RedEY5D03324
ENDORFY Thock Compact Wireless HU RedEY5E00124
ENDORFY Thock TKL HU BrownEY5E00324
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless HU BrownEY5E00524
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless HU RedEY5E00624
ENDORFY Thock 75% HU RedEY5E00724
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless HU BlackEY5E00824
ENDORFY Thock HU BrownEY5E00924
ENDORFY Thock HU RedEY5E01024
ENDORFY Thock TKL IT BrownEY5G00324
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless IT BrownEY5G00524
ENDORFY Thock TKL Wireless IT RedEY5G00624
ENDORFY Thock 75% IT RedEY5G00724
ENDORFY Thock 75% Wireless IT BlackEY5G00824
ENDORFY Thock IT BrownEY5G00924
ENDORFY Thock IT RedEY5G01024
ENDORFY LIX Plus Onyx WhiteEY6A00324
ENDORFY LIX Onyx WhiteEY6A00424
ENDORFY LIX Plus WirelessEY6A00724
ENDORFY LIX WirelessEY6A00824
ENDORFY LIX Plus Onyx White WirelessEY6A00924
ENDORFY LIX Onyx White WirelessEY6A01024
ENDORFY GEM Plus Onyx WhiteEY6A01124
ENDORFY GEM Onyx WhiteEY6A01224
ENDORFY Gem Plus Wireless PAW3395EY6A01324
ENDORFY Gem Plus Wireless Onyx White PAW3395EY6A01524
ENDORFY Cordura Speed MEY6B00124
ENDORFY Cordura Speed LEY6B00224
ENDORFY Cordura Speed XLEY6B00324
ENDORFY Vero L5 Bronze 500 WEY7A00436
ENDORFY Vero L5 Bronze 600 WEY7A00536
ENDORFY Vero L5 Bronze 700 WEY7A00636
ENDORFY Supremo FM5 Gold 650 WEY7A00784
ENDORFY Supremo FM5 Gold 750 WEY7A00884
ENDORFY Supremo FM5 Gold 850 WEY7A00984
ENDORFY Supremo FM5 Gold 1000 WEY7A01084
ENDORFY Scrim Onyx WhiteEY8A00724
ENDORFY Atlas SEY8E00124
ENDORFY Atlas L Electric Onyx WhiteEY8E00224
ENDORFY Atlas LEY8E00324
ENDORFY Atlas L ElectricEY8E00424
ENDORFY Atlas SingleEY8F00124
ENDORFY Atlas Single Onyx WhiteEY8F00224
ENDORFY Atlas DoubleEY8F00324
ENDORFY Floor Pad 120REY8G00124
ENDORFY Floor Pad 90SEY8G00224
ENDORFY Floor Pad 110CEY8G00324