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Fluctus 140 PWM

When your heated computer needs a quick refreshment, give it something to cool down. Preferably Fluctus 140 PWM – a solid fan with great power.

If we were to describe this bad boy in two words, we’d say that it’s good and quiet. Not only does it perfectly lower the temperature (even in housings with dense filters) but it also does it without hesitation monotonous noise. Not even your neighbor will hear it.

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Product code: EY4A003

Fluctus 140 PWM

The ENDORFY Fluctus 140 PWM is only 14 cm tall but handles keeping most CPUs cool with ease. It never loses its cool when dealing with densely finned radiators in liquid cooling systems as well as chassis with dust filters - some say it also keeps tired feet cool, but we haven't tried that. Yet.

This fan with an optional semi passive mode fits into most cases. And it's easy to install as well – we’ve prepared a simple manual and haven't hesitated to use provide it for you.


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