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Fluctus 140 PWM ARGB

When your CPU is hot, fire up the fridge Fluctus 140 PWM ARGB fan. And put on a scarf, because a cold wind is gonna blow.

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Product code: EY4A004

Fluctus 140 PWM ARGB

The Fluctus 140 PWM ARGB brings an atmospheric ARGB backlight to your chassis and a breath of colorful coolness to your tired processor. It's like a cold shower after a hard day's work, a glass of ice water on a hot night, and an air conditioning system in your car when you're stuck in traffic in the summer heat. All of this at once, OFC.

It is only 14 cm tall but handles keeping most CPUs cool with ease. It never loses its cool when dealing with densely finned radiators in liquid cooling systems as well as chassis with dust filters. This fan with an optional semi passive mode fits into most cases. And it's easy to install as well – we’ve prepared a simple manual and haven't hesitated to use provide it for you.

Technical data

  • Product typePC Fan
  • Dimensions [mm]140×140×25
  • BearingFDB
  • Speed [RPM]250 (±100) – 1800 (±10%)
  • Control (speed)PWM
  • Connector (fan)4-pin (male + female)
  • Voltage (fan) [V]12
  • Current (fan, peak) [A]0.40
  • Control (LED)ARGB
  • Connector (LED)3-pin (male + female)
  • Voltage (LED) [V]5
  • Current (LED, peak) [A]0.30
  • MTBF [h]100000



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