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LIV Plus Wireless

It's time for change charge


Ultra-lightweight and ultra-precise LIV Plus Wireless is our nod toward gamers and esports players. Every component, from the light construction with a PixArt PAW3395 sensor to the included charging dock, has been created to increase your endurance and efficiency during long gaming sessions. Connect to your PC, console, phone or TV and just win it all – effortlessly.

No limits

Included with LIV Plus Wireless you’ll find a docking station that allows for comfortable, wireless charging of the mouse. Thanks to anti-slip rubbers (that are easy to clean and reattach) it stays firmly in one place .

Top-notch player sensor

PAW3395 is a top-of-the-game sensor from PixArt. Its max DPI of 26,000 and tracking speed of 16.51 m/s let you make split-second decisions. Just tweak all the settings to go along with your favorite games and go boldly for the win!

Trimode function – 3 connection types

LIV Plus Wireless is compatible with almost all devices used for gaming and provides you with a stable, lag-free connection with PCs, consoles, telephones or TVs. Plug it in via a USB cable, connect using Bluetooth or through 2.4 GHz wireless and check which option works best on your battlefield.

Move quickly and swiftly

The ultra-lightweight and perfectly balanced body of LIV Plus Wireless is our in-house design. Its breathable surface provides not only great airflow beneath your hand but also a staggering advantage over your foes in games and esports competitions. To put it simply – your moves will be fast, unimpeded and fully controlled.

Long-lasting performance

An efficient battery and optimized firmware are the heart of LIV Plus Wireless. They let us increase the working time of the mouse to 160 hours on one charge, even with consistent usage.

Just as you like it

Thanks to dedicated software you can adjust LIV Plus Wireless to your preference. It allows you to create macros and change the sensitivity, LOD or the backlight of various elements.

LIV Plus Wireless

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