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One series, many possibilities. When we designed Thock keyboards, we made sure that everyone who operates a computer – be it for hours on end, or just once in a while – could feel comfortable using them however they want.

Various models differ in size, key arrangement, key mechanisms, or even color, and yet each one of them is still a Thock – that means, a versatile keyboard that will help you reach your goals. Both the digital ones and the IRL ones!

Equally important are the things that make all Thock keyboards one big family. A stable chassis is not afraid of a minor, spontaneous crash test… And the RGB backlight will soothe the mood around your command center. Add software that lets you change the lighting and key mapping, and any Thock becomes your Thock.

Oh, and just a touch of formalities – they come both wired and wireless. As you need them 🙂

Thock Series – size guide


is our full-size keyboard with 104 keys. The ultimate in functionality and flexibility, it's perfect if you want the most control and convenience possible. The keyboard's numpad will be helpful both for complex tasks in office work and for gaming.

Thock TKL

is our TKL (Ten Key Less) keyboard, which means that it has 87 keys, without a numpad. It offers great functionality and convenience of use while saving a lot of space. The smaller size makes it easier to use on the move, such as when taking a trip to a gaming tournament.

Thock 75%

is a little bit smaller than TKL, with 82 keys but still includes native arrows. Good for working on a small desk while still retaining maximum functionality. It's a great choice for those who do creative work, be it designers, editors, musicians or writers; it is as small as possible while still giving you plenty of options.

Thock Compact

with its 61 keys, is the smallest keyboard in our portfolio. Best for those who put portability at a premium - it's by far our lightest and smallest model, which means it will be easy to pack and move around with. Excellent for anyone who travels a lot or just needs a keyboard that takes up very little space.

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