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Supremo FM5 Gold 750 W

Mighty power supply that keeps your PC running steadily without unexpected interruptions resets. With Supremo FM5 Gold 750 W, you enter God mode – and stay in it for a long time.

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Product code: EY7A008

Supremo FM5 Gold 750 W

The Supremo FM5 Gold 750 W is a mighty power supply unafraid of components’ demanding requirements. No wonder, because it’s packed with all the best for stable operation – say goodbye to unexpected coffee break resets.

It’s a DC-DC power supply for tight voltage regulation, stable operation, and a continuous power delivery of 750 W. The Supremo FM5 Gold 750 W has a 12 cm 120 mm Fluctus fan, so it’ll maintain the right temperature like there’s no tomorrow. No wonder this bad boy has been certified 80 PLUS® Gold.

And the cherry on top – our Supremo is only 14 cm long. That’s enough to fit even into smaller cases (and thanks to its fully modular build, you can plug in only the necessary cables).

Technical data

  • Product typeATX Power Supply
  • Colorblack
  • Dimensions [mm]87×140×150
  • Continuous power [W]750
  • Efficiency80 PLUS® GOLD
  • Cablingfully modular black ribbon, black sleeved ATX
  • Fan

    120 mm Fluctus

    • Dimensions [mm]120×120×25
    • Speed [RPM]600 (±100) – 1400 (±10%)
  • Current capacity [A]
    • +12 V62
    • +3.3 V20
    • +5 V20
    • -12 V0.3
    • +5 VSB3
  • Protections
    • OVPtak
    • UVPtak
    • OCPtak
    • SCPtak
    • OPPtak
    • SIPtak
    • OTPtak
  • Input voltage [V]115/230
  • MTBF [h]100 000



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